TYTW Raises More Than $33,000 for Yemen!

Above, children play amongst the rubble in Yemen. Rates of child marriage have risen to 65 percent since the start of the most recent conflict.

TYTW’s month-long campaign with LaunchGood raised a total $33,412 for our emergency Covid-19 relief in Yemen! With our grassroots partner Solidarios Sin Fronteras (SSF), we will be providing safe, sanitary meal delivery and access to clean water, the most urgent needs for children and families during the pandemic. Among COVID-19’s many health threats, the pandemic has increased child hunger and malnutrition, as well as gender-based violence and child marriages as the widespread closures of schools remove access to vital resources. 

In Yemen, over 65% of girls are married as children, in what the UN has deemed the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. COVID-19 is already disproportionately impacting survivors and girls at risk of child marriage. The widespread closure of schools--where TYTW supported more than 1,000 vulnerable girls and boys with daily breakfast before the pandemic--has left many children hungry, losing access to the only meal they would eat in a day. In partnership with SSF, TYTW is addressing poverty and protection issues, particularly for girls.

Our beneficiaries in Sana'a receive a food box.

Beneficiaries in Sana'a receive a food box from TYTW.

We have supported more than 5500 people through a clean water campaign that puts water tanks in displaced people’s camps. TYTW’s sanitary food distribution initiative provides 300 food boxes to families with children (with a typical family size being 6-8 people), who live in abandoned buildings, displacement camps, and famine-affected areas. In response to the pandemic, TYTW is providing public health support comprising soaps, sanitation assistance, and public education on containment and prevention of COVID-19.

All donations given through LaunchGood are urgently expanding programming in Yemen to address two key objectives: keeping the girls safe from harmful practices during this time of global upheaval, and keeping them and their communities healthy. Thank you for your crucial support.